Pet Application Form Current tenants that would like approval to have a pet
reside at their rental property.

If you’re applying for a pet-friendly rental please read our guide below.

We know that applying for a rental property with your furry friend can sometimes be difficult.

This form is for a current Tenant who wishes to receive approval to have their pet live at their rental property.

Before continuing you’ll need a couple of things:

  • a current photo of your pet (which you can upload below)
  • your pets microchip number
  • a pet bond of $260 which may be required.

Terms and Conditions

The tenant/s acknowledge and agree to the following terms:    

  • No Pet/s other than the approved pet/s may reside on the premises.
  • The tenant accepts full responsibility and indemnifies the lessor/agent for any claims by or injuries to third parties or their property caused by, or as a result of actions by their pet/s, and regardless of the approval status.
  • The tenant has inspected the property and is satisfied that the fencing is adequate for the confining of the pet. The tenant further acknowledges and agrees that should there be any additional work either at the start of the tenancy or during the tenancy to upgrade the fencing for the confining of the pet/s this will be at the complete cost to the tenant.  Any additional work must first be approved in writing by the lessor/Agent.  The tenant further acknowledges that the lessor/Agent neither expressly or implied warrant the suitability of the fencing for the confining of the pet this is at the tenants sole discretion.
  • The tenant further agrees to unilaterally indemnify the Lessor/ agent from any and all liability in relation to the actions of the pet/s including but not limited to the tenants pet escaping the property and causing loss, damage, injury or costs to any third party.
  • The tenant agrees to have the premises and the grounds treated for fleas at the end of the tenancy or at any time during the tenancy as required or requested by the lessor/agent. This treatment is to be carried out by a suitably licensed pest control agent.
  • Pets are to be outside at all times unless otherwise specified in the tenancy agreement/pet agreement.
  • The tenant acknowledges that this is an application to keep pet/s on the premises and does not guarantee that approval will be given.
  • The tenant confirms and guarantees that the pet/s has up to date vaccinations.
  • If approved, at the time of signing the tenancy agreement you will be required to sign a special conditions relating to the approved pet/s.
  • The tenant agrees that no additional animal/s will be kept on the premises, either short term or temporarily.
  • The tenant agrees that the pet is not permitted inside the property. Should the tenant breach this term the tenant understands that at the lessors description they will be required to remove the pet from the property permanently.
  • The tenant agrees that in the event of a complaint being received regarding the pet/s from the local authority, neighbours or any other body, if the complaint is shown to be justified and correct the tenant will be required to remove the pet/s immediately from the premises permanently.
  • If the pet is a dog, the tenant agrees to restrain or remove the dog from the premises for the duration of inspections arranged by the agent with the required notice given.
  • The tenant agrees to clean up after their pet and to dispose of their pets waste quickly and properly.
  • Tenants agree not to leave food or water for their pet outside their dwelling where it may attract other animals or vermin.
  • The tenant agrees not to breed or allow the pet to reproduce, however should this event occur, the tenant warrants that the pets offspring will be removed/placed within eight weeks of birth.
  • The tenants agree that if they keep fish they accept responsibility for any damage caused by leakage or spillage of water.
  • The tenant understands, agrees and warrants that dogs of a prohibited breeder declared dangerous must not be kept or brought onto the premises or common property.
  • In the event of the death of a pet, the pets remains must not be buried on the property without the express approval in writing of the lessor/agent. If buried without approval, the tenant shall be responsible for the full cost of repatriation of the property.
  • The tenant agrees and acknowledges that on approval by the owners the terms of this application become an express term of the tenancy and as such become effective and binding on the tenant.